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In the left picture the record fragment full-scale is presented. What is possible on it to tell? The power has instantly increased at some instant from a stable condition (supported within 20 minutes) overridden instrument scale limits (on all 8 amplifiers [UZM] and all 3 amplifiers [UZS]). The recorder feather has drawn a vertical line. Of DREG records we know that it has occurred at once (no more than in 3 seconds) after SCRAM button pushing. Three seconds - it is ten times less than a thickness of a line on this diagram. There is on the diagram one feature (it is marked by the letter A), the power has gone not at once upwards, and at first has pecked downwards (where generally it should go at operation of emergency protection). All this course of power (downwards and upwards) quite speaks a design of control rods.

What it is possible to tell about this diagram of power? Nothing more as it seems. You think so, but the Chief designer [GK] has made a photo from this fragment, has magnified it in 33 times (see the right picture) and has seen one more feature (B). It is not visible with the naked eye and to represent it full-scale on the screen it is not obviously possible, and it is possible to make it only since 5-fold magnification (picture in the middle). Unfortunately the [GK] has ignored feature (A) and the photo has appeared torn off in the most interesting place, otherwise, I think, we would learn a lot of an didactic things about trembling feather of the recording device at such sharp jumps of the measuring parameter.
And what conclusion is done by the [GK] of this trembling of a feather? Well, that on there is the deepest. The reactor power grew abnormally, before the SCRAM button was pushed.

Imagine that these variegated pattern produced an impression also on the General Procurator's office (where the technical experts were almost completely colleagues of [NIKIET]), and on the law court (which was closed for public). And scientific manager has drawn even a curve in the expert report for the IAEA , how the power changed (Pic. 17)

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