Chernobyl myths 

MYTH THE FIRST. The general initial cause of the Chernobyl accident was an experiment, made by operational personnel without any confirmation by the scientific manager and the chief designer of the reactor, and also, without participation of the service team of nuclear safety.
But how it was in reality?

1) Such work was not some experiment, but a functional check of the NPP emergency systems which was provided by project of power unit. It must be described in details by the working program as well as it’s conducting, similar to any work that sufficiently commonplace for NPP. And this program is the same obligatory document for the operational personnel as the regulation of power unit operation. And such working program was present.

2) The confirmation of working program by the chief designer of reactor, and by the scientific manager as well as participation of serviceman of nuclear safety is required, if the work is nuclear-dangerous (i.e., if it is connected at least with the running reactor). In the present case the reactor stopped on PPM (Planed Preventative Maintenance), and at the very beginning of experiment it had to be shut-down by reactor scram system. So that the work, which consisted of run-out testing of turbogenerator with the damped reactor was considered as nuclear-safe job.

3) This work was conducted already the third time (first two times they were unsuccessful because of the insufficient preparedness of experiment) according to exactly the same program as previous, and was carried out the same way. And at that times there were no observations either from the chief designer ([GK]) or from the scientific manager ([NR]).
Further details see in the reference below: "Experiment".

MYTH OF THE SECOND. The operational personnel that worked at the 4-th power unit of Chernobyl NPP in the night on April 26, 1986, was terrifically unqualified, they disrupted the regulation of operation by the roughest means, that also led to the explosion of reactor during the experiment indicated.
Yes, according to the formal signs, it would be possible to doubt the qualification of L.F.Toptunov sat at the reactor control panel, he allowed negligence during reduction of the power one hour befor the accident. And it is possible to doubt (if you want) about the qualification of the Head of Shift for Unit (HSU) A.F.Akimov. The only man completely qualified was the head of tests A.S.Djatlov the Deputy Chief Engineer of the Plant (DSEP), as it may be inferred by his recollections [D2]. However, it just was he, who placed the shift in severe conditions of making decision in the complex uncommon situation, and he is just the main culprit of all that helter-skelter, which occurred during the test.

But the shift was the most usual, not better and also not worse than others. Yes, and say if you please, how can chauffeur to explode automobile, there be he three times not qualified, if only not to kindle bonfire under the fuel tank. And here is the same situation, personnel was sufficiently qualified and responsibile, in order not to kindle bonfire under the fuel tank.

Still more interesting the situation with the regulation of operation. Did violate its operational personnel or did not violate? Well Dyatlov, he indicates that it was even not violated at all, and he says this convincingly.
So what is in actuality the matter, if we reject ritual dances around the regulation? But thus. Main documents in reality, which all participants must followed (operational personnel, the designers and builders of NPP, and the designers of reactor) till 1986, are these:
1) “Nuclear Safety Regulations” (NSR-04-74) [P1]
2) “General Safety Provisions for the Design, Construction and Operation of Nuclear Power Plant” (GSP-82).
The regulations of operation, just as other leading documents (operating instructions of equipment, duty regulations of operational personnel, working programs of experiments and others) must correspond to these two basic documents. But this in reality did not exist.

So, the first who destroyed GSP and NSR was chief designer ([GK]), who made dangerously explosive reactor and wrote poor regulations of operation, and operational personnel were only the second. In this case the operational personnel did not disrupt NSR, this is equevalent for them to kindl bonfire under the fuel tank, there is no way to violate NSR on to other. Details about what violations exactly commited operational personnel see according to the reference. Human Factor

MYTH THE THIRD. There are almost no registered data about how emergency process proceeded actualy in the reactor of Chernobyl NPP. And therefore everything which is known about that, is only hypothesis and the results (of partial) mathematical simulation, executed by these or other organization concerned.
This is a lie, and to refuse it, sufficient to lay out these allegedly absent data on the common review. That is also made by present site. Anyone can see these data with his own eyes according to the reference Actual Data, here, below, or above main page, and to obtain its own judgment about all this, what is occurred, what is known about it and what is not.

For the same, who does not possess sufficient special knowledge in order to do this independently, are given detailed explanations on other pages. Best of all is to visit its according to the reference Chernobyl.How it was. from the main page or directly hence (according to the reference below).
All these myths about the reasons for Chernobyl emergency are created by journalists from the supply of their unscrupulous and irresponsible informants from the scientific medium. Using the fact that data were at first classified, and then so remained the property only of very small circle of specialists, the unconscientious and selfish interested people immediately began “to direct shadow at the fence” in order to be as further away as possible from the responsibility for the events occurred on the Chernobyl NPP. Their public activity started up all these myths, and was caught further by all possible dreamers, by mad quasis-scientist or by simple chatterers, who filled the Internet with their ravings.
Rare appearances from the position of the common sense sink in this sea of irresponsible and illiterate blether.

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