RUSENGActual Data. 


Data represented here are the values of neutron-physics and thermal-hydraulic parameters of technological process in the reactor core and the outline circuit MFCC (Multipass Forced Circulation Circuit), and also the controlling influences on these processes from the side of the automatic control systems and manual by operators.
Data are represented in the form the curves or digital tables, built according to the indications of the sensors of technological or in-pile control, with which is equipped reactor and entire power unit large quantities (several thousand pieces). These indications are registered by the showing and recording instruments in the Control Room of the Unit (CRU) and/or recorded on the magnetic tape of the information-control computer complex [SCALA] by the specific routine of recording the parameters of Diagnostic Registration (DREG)
Immediately after the emergency the diagram and magnetic tapes were taken from the instruments, there were made the copies of them, for the subsequent independent analysis in three organizations: scientific manager IAE (Kurchatov institute), chief designer NIKIET, scientific support to operation VNIAES. The given graphs and tables are made from one of these copies.

Parameters, represented here, are the following.
1) The power of the reactor (neutron flux, to which it is proportional), both for entire reactor and for each channel individually (and its vertical distribution of channel also) .
2) Position of the reactor control rods for all 211 rods of manual and automatic control.
3) Coolant flow rate in MFCC through the reactor core entirely and through each channel individually (for all 1600 flow meters), and also for each of eight MCP (Main Circulation Pump) and for each of two MFCC loops (left and right).
4) Basic thermal-hydraulic parameters on each of halves of MFCC: pressure and the level in the separator drum SD, flow rate and the temperature of feed water.
All these data can be divided into 4 groups:
a) a change of the parameters with time 1 hour and more before the emergency;
b) change in the parameters during 5 min before the emergency;
c) change in the parameters during the turbine-generator (TG) slow-down (last 50 sec of the lives of power unit);
d) distributed parameters value (cartograms) in specific moment of time (reactor state for 1 min 20 sec to destruction)

Primary data , according to which are built practically all graphs (with exception of the power of reactor and displacement of AR rods), were obtained in the digital form. And in this form they are also represented here on the site.

Is separately represented also oscillogram of the parameters of TG slow-down. This record (Pic. 15) made by means of light-beam oscillograph with the very high resolution in the time, and it made it possible to accurately synchronize some basic events of emergency between themselves.