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Imagine the picture, reader. A truck returns from a distant trip with its usual load. Driving up to the terminal point, the driver slams on the brakes, but instead of stopping, the truck sharply accelerates and explodes. The explosion is of such a force, that a building from the reinforced concrete is completely destroyed and all the windows in the surrounding houses shatter. The driver is found guilty, because he violated the road traffic regulations, which caused the accident. This is how the Chernobyl catastrophe appears in the eyes of the general public for 20 years.

If the aforesaid interests you and you want to learn in more detail, what happend in reality, and how the investigation of the reasons for the Chernobyl' accident was carried out, read further, using the links above. The basic content of this site is the actual data about the accident, registered by instruments. It is possible to view them directly using the links above or together with the explanations on other pages of the site. You can reach these pages if you click on the link “Chernobyl. How it was”. You can also start with the link “The Myths of Chernobyl”. ".

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